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Dr. Barrett is the BEST!!!! He listens and will figure the best plan for your pain. He never rushes you and explains everything if you have any questions. If you ever have a problem he tells you to call and let them know. The staff is always awesome they are friendly and caring. If you need Orthopedic doctors this place is the place to go. I have heard good things about the other doctors associated with Sprains Strains Fractures
00:34 07 Feb 23
At first I was unsure ,dealing with an injury can be an emotional experience. They were extremely patient with me and optimistic about my recovery. I'm on the right track.
21:48 10 Oct 22
Doc Barrett is the absolute best. Good diagnostic doc with common sense. A great combination. I wouldn’t see anyone else. Stephanie Golia
00:12 01 Sep 22
Dr. Barrett is the best doctor I have known since way back in my day when doctors genuinely cared. He is always pleasant and he listens. He's knowledgeable and tells you what the best plan would be for your particular case. I never feel any emotional static when I'm on my way to an appointment with him. And he encourages you to call if anything arises between appointments. I only hope he never becomes jaded. The staff at Sprains Strains and Fractures is always friendly and kind. They also take walk-ins, which is great if you're nervous about an injury and need someone you can trust.
19:11 08 Aug 22
This practice is amazing. The staff and support personnel are the best in the business. They’re professional and efficient while also being kind and showing compassion. They do their jobs and they take pride in doing them well. Dr. Silver is amazing. I had an unusual injury that was made difficult to diagnose because I’m unable to get an mri due to having a pacemaker. After treating my toe for nearly ten weeks Dr. Silver said we’re making an appointment for you to see Dr. Cancell. He’s a toe specialist and I’ve don’t all I can but it’s not working. He told me I will make copious notes so he understands where we are and what we’ve done to this point. Rarely will you see a doctor out his ego aside and do what Dr. Silver did? I’m so so thankful. I met with Dr. Cancell. He laughed and said I know everything you should see the notes Dr. Silver gave me. Even with that he struggled to diagnose the issue. He was perplexed and discussing scheduling an ultrasound until he watched me out my flip flop on. He said you cannot bend the tip of your toe can you and I said no and I’ve got zero strength in it. He then examined me again but I could tell the wheels were spinning. He smiled and said you’ve got a torn tendon in your toe. He said I missed it at first because the way it retracted makes it appear as though it’s intact. Long story short if he weren’t so thorough I’d still be limping around and having my wife calling me a big sissy because I stubbed my big piggy!!!If you’ve got an orthopedic injury or issue. This is the place. You’ll be seen right away and follow up appts are within a week or two. Unlike Rothman where I waited ten months.
15:00 29 Jul 22
I love how all the Doctors there have their own specialty. I’ve been going for years. These doctors have fixed and replaced and repaired things in my body others claim that nothing could be done. You won’t be sorry you sought their help .The doctors are very friendly great bedside manners . They talk to you so that you understand. The doctor and staff treat you like a person not another copayment . I wouldn’t go anywhere else.So glad a co worker turned me on to them years ago.
15:02 01 Jul 22
I'm so grateful to have reported to Sprains, Strains & Fractures, for my Meniscus Surgery their Professionalism is one to reckon with. I'd recommend anyone to visit before going anywhere else.
18:46 27 Jun 22
This place was amazing. Entire staff was very friendly and were able to see my child within 15 minutes after calling. Dr casted her arm in 5 minutes and was very patient and kind to my 3 year old.
14:10 30 Mar 22
Highly recommend...got my son seen quick and even helped make our appointment with a Pediatric specialist at Nemours. The entire staff from the front desk receptionist to the X-ray technician to Dr. Barrett were absolutely amazing!
17:31 15 Mar 22
The staff is very accommodating and polite. My experience there was more pleasant than I expected considering the initial shoulder pain I was in. The doctors were knowledgeable and empathetic. As such, my injury wasn't enough for me to consider surgery as the only option. A month later I'm in the gym doing well, strengthening the muscles surrounding the affected area and avoiding over extending the tendons. I would recommend SS&F if you are unfortunate enough to have a SSorF.
17:17 14 Mar 22
Dr. Dalsey very knowledgeable about total bodyBone structure and most of all care of fractures.He cares about his patients.Staff employees excellent as well.
21:33 04 Mar 22
I am delighted at the care and attention I have received from the staff and Dr. Kahan. Their kindness and support is greatly appreciated in a time off stress and pain. Dr. Kahan was approachable for any questions or concerns. I highly recommend this provider.
17:35 01 Mar 22


Sprains, Strains, and Fractures has been amazing with my daughter. Dr. Kahan is Awesome! My family is grateful that we were able to get an appointment in such a timely manner and that both her issues were addressed without having to make separate appointments, like some other orthopedic practices. I highly recommend this practice, because of the friendly, knowledgeable, and accommodating hours it has. *Please their office a call*Thank you, The Medina Family
23:13 19 Oct 22
Dr.Silver is very helpful, while being kind and patient. He definitely does his best to assist you and correct any issues.
23:24 19 Sep 22
Friendly staff, smiles, helpful. Waiting area is clean. I didn't have to wait long before I saw my doctor. Dr. Silver is my doc, he is so excellent. He did my right total knee several years ago and now it's time for the other.I recommend him 10/10😁
01:36 23 Aug 22
The staff are always very helpful and Dr Silver was great. He was always ready to answer questions and no matter how many questions, he never acted like I was a bother. Can’t say enough good! Would go to Dr. Silver again.
18:50 04 Aug 22
I decided to go to Sprains Strains and Fractures solely based on reviews… I’m so happy I did!!! Dr. Kahan is a phenomenal surgeon!! He immediately knew I had carpal tunnel issues, wasted no time ordering the EMG, then surgery!! The surgery was pretty awesome, I was able to watch, he let me pick music, talked to me the entire time, showed me what he was doing, literally 10 minute procedure!! From the start I could tell it was better, no more throbbing pain waking me up out of a dead sleep, or constant numbness & tingling!!! This is truly wonderful!! Can’t thank him enough for fixing me!!!
02:16 28 Jul 22
I was referred here by a neighbor and I am so thankful. The staff is amazing. They are friendly and professional. Amazingly efficient and compassionate. I have been seen by Dr. Silver and I love him. I was injured nine weeks ago and it was a bit of a freak accident. I have a difficult situation because I’m unable to get an MRI DUE to a gastric stimulator in my stomach for another disorder. Without the mri it seems as though they’re trying to tune a piano with earplugs on? Dr. Silver has been incredibly thorough and patient and tonight he finally feels as though he’s diagnosed my injury correctly and referred me to another physician who is more of a toe specialist. I really appreciate his thorough evaluation because I was begining to worry that after nine weeks and still not feeling much better he was going to think I was nuts. Although I’m still experiencing pain at least now I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I owe that to Dr. Silver. Thank you. I’m a day and age where medicine has become about the bottom line Dr. Silver does something very strange…. He actually makes it about healthcare and the patient. I would recommend him and this place to anyone who has suffered an orthopedic injury and needs to be seen asap. They’re truly remarkable.
00:01 26 Jul 22
Dr.Silver is the best. He's been my Dr.for a long time he tells it like it is just how I like it. I will always refer him and Sprains,Strains&Fractures
23:53 25 Jul 22
Pleasant staff and physicians. Most importantly high quality care.
00:58 16 Jun 22
Dr. Silver is one of the best docs around. He is kind, considerate and gives you 100%. I have had several surgeries performed by him. He had always taken the time to answer all my questions. I just can't say enough about the quality of care that I have received. Thanks Dr. Silver for being you.
16:37 15 Mar 22
Dr Robert Taffet , first treated me in in 2020 for a severe calf muscle tear if it wasn't for his expertise I would have possibly died he discovered a blod clot which required 16 weeks of blood thinners to break it up. He has treated me for other ailments as well always professional and accurate in his diagnosis and fixes. I would highly recommend Doc Taffet to anyone.
10:35 08 Mar 22
Dr. Kahan was incredible. Nice to talk to, took his time explaining options to us and answered all of our questions. He was very easy for a 16 year old young man to talk to. He understands the ways these kids get hurt and was very kind. He was a rockstar in communication the day of surgery and with follow-up. We highly recommend Sprains, Strains & Fractures and Dr. Kahan for hand/wrist injuries.
21:53 06 Mar 22
Doctor Silver will do my knee replacement surgery. He has been my surgeon in the past and the surgeries have been very successful. My experiences with Sprains, Strains and Fractures have been excellent.
17:31 03 Mar 22
I had another excellent experience today. The staff at Advanced Surgical Institute from the person who greeted me at the door to check in, through the nurses, techs and my physician were extremely professional and friendly. Their approach to my care made me feel safe during the entire visit.
19:22 15 Nov 21

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